Our 10- Day Commercial Recovery Promise

Our First 10 days of collections is on the house; if we collect any of the accounts within the First 10 days we don’t charge our fees and that’s with each placement!

What is USCA known for?

We are known for getting results, from forensic accounting issues requiring sophisticated litigation, to counter claims involving frivolous lawsuits intended to bully creditors out their contractual rights. We put an end to the nonsense with an unrelenting pursuit of justice and resolution for our clients with prejudice. At USCA your debtors will know you mean business! USCA employs a nationwide inexhaustible team of proven professionals who enjoy bringing just debts to fruition.

Other Services

In addition to our commercial and consumer debt recovery services, we also help companies improve their financial performance through tax planning and preparation as well as corporate accounting and finance. We also offer infield collections, pre-litigation intervention, International collections, and asset and liability searches. If you would like to learn more about our other services, just call us at 1.866.886.0067 or email us admin@uscorporateaccounting.net