Dispute Resolution

6Dispute Resolution & Business Consulting Division
Have You Been Sued? Our Dynamic Dispute Resolution Division concentrates on settling financial debt disputes through skilled negotiation. Litigation is both time consuming and costly, and can even lead to your companies dissolution or even bankruptcy! If you or your business has been sued already or is facing possible litigation, our contracted attorneys and skilled negotiators can create opportunities for resolution on your behalf by mutually agreed settlement arrangements. USCA strives to resolve the issue for businesses both large and small. Allow USCA to negotiate with your creditors and their attorneys on your behalf to regain control over your situation. Our skilled and connected associates can use our influence and “behind the scene” relationships to get things handled! Normally there’s not a lot of time to waste once the wheels of the Law are turning, so let’s get started today! At USCA we have no problem helping you resolve your problem! Need references? We have everything from hospitals to construction company owners to vouch for our services.