Commercial Debt Recovery

USCA is a leader among the highly specialized Industry of commercial receivable recovery.

As a fully automated business entity, USCA tracks all accounts receivables into a highly sophisticated computer system, which is linked to each collection associate’s desktop work station.  Each associate is on tier system.  He or she is assigned a balance range (small, medium or large) which ensures an equal collection effort on all placements.

Extensive computerized reports and instantaneous status updates to all placed accounts ensures total quality assurance and up to the minute accountability for all clients.

Pursuant to the strict professional standards of conduct required of all collection agencies and vigorously enforced by onsite inspections, USCA requires all collections to adhere to strict professional standards of conduct.

Recovered funds are held in a non-interest bearing trust account, audited by the office of Financial Institutions for the State of Texas and various other state licensing agencies.

Client funds are remitted monthly with fully itemized, computer generated reports.  Executives and collectors are required to update all accounts on a daily basis.  Both written and verbal status reports are offered on an as needed basis.