Full Service Debt Recovery

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100% CONTINGENCY:  We accept all placements at zero cost!

RATE OF RECOVERY: We recover on average approximately 94.2% of all accounts placed with us!

INVESTIGATION: Discover debtor location and suit worthiness at no cost!

PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS: We offer the services of a “PI” to gather onsite intelligence if needed!

ACTIONABLE ASSET IDENTIFICATION: Determine what you can recover prior to legal action.

LITIGATION:  Our fees formula  on average is consistant with rates held by the Commercial Law League of America and all other cost are based on contingency. This gives “teeth” to your collections approach that is unmatched in the industry today.

LEAD COUNCIL: Our in-house council and International law list affords you free expert advice & guidance by CLLA certified attorneys when you become our client!

RESPECT: USCA represents some of America’s most powerful organizations with excellence!

COMMISSION: We charge 15-25% based on the age of the account!